Analysis of the row over Ken Livingstone’s comments on Hitler and Zionism

Budget day social media

Article and Analysis on an original story on asylum seekers

A “disproportionate number” of asylum seekers are being housed in Portsmouth compared to more expensive towns and cities, a leaked report claims.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 14.47.21

A selection of ofmy print work for the financial website

Sky customers ‘mis-sold’ TV packages they cannot use

‘Recording live TV directly onto your set-top box is now a common feature thrown in with many subscriptions. However many Sky customers are not receiving a full service, despite paying full price.’

The truth behind Quakle’s collapse

‘Rob Powell investigates the collapse of social lender Quakle and considers the impact this demise may have on the peer-to-peer loans industry.’

How are mortgage rates decided?

‘Rob Powell explains what factors influence how much you pay for your home loan.’

What really pushes up energy prices

‘The ‘Big Six’ blaming wholesale costs for energy price rises over-simplifies the issue, writes Rob Powell.’

How Google predicts house prices

‘Search term data gleaned from Google can now provide an early warning of movements in house prices.’


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